Best Moisturizers with Natural Ingredients that fit your skin


How do you choose the best moisturizers with natural ingredients?

People say that they usually decide on a moisturizer based on their skin concerns.

Normally, a person’s skin type determines their choice, such as dry, complex, or oily skin.  And then there are skin enhancement moisturizers, such as whitening, cell regeneration, anti-aging, sebum control…  Or, sometimes you choose based on the skincare brand you prefer. 


The deciding factor that we use in choosing the best moisturizers with natural ingredients is to look at the moisturizer’s ingredients.  The ingredients should be full of moisturizing ingredients.  

So, when choosing a moisturizer, you need to look at the ingredients.

This is because the key ingredients responsible for moisturizing determine the effectiveness of the moisturizer.



Then, how do you know what the moisturizing ingredients are?  And how do you know how much of an ingredient the moisturizer contains??

Technically, the how much of an ingredient is a ‘secret’.  The recipe for the moisturizer is usually proprietary.

But you can see the relative amounts of the moisturizing ingredients used in a product.

The list of product ingredients displayed on the back of the moisturizer lists each ingredient in order by weight.  So the ingredients listed towards the beginning are in higher amounts than the ingredients towards the end.  

Which ingredients are considered moisturizing ingredients?

To find out, we have prepared a little cheat sheet on the best moisturizers with natural ingredients.

We hope you learn three takeaway messages from this post:

  1. The representative ingredients that moisturize your skin.
  2. The key features and highlights of each ingredient.

  3. Our recommended moisturizers that contain each moisturizing ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid highlights:

Known in the skincare community as the moisture magnet.

It is an excellent natural moisturizer!  Like magic, it works by delivering moisture from thin air to your skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound found in the human body.  Stores moisture up to 1,000x its own volume.  Very naturally keeps the skin hydrated.

Also plays a key role in strengthening your skin.  This strengthening prevents moisture from leaving, as well as strengthens the skin barrier.  Your skin barrier is what prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from entering your body.

Among the most important ingredients for beautiful, young and vibrant skin.  Is definitely among the core of K-beauty ingredients.

As you get older, your hyaluronic acid in your body gradually decreases.  By the age of 40, around half of the hyaluronic acid remains in your body.  Your skin has a much harder time retaining moisture.

A hyaluronic acid deficiency leads to skin problems such as cracking, dryness and wrinkles. This is why it is important to replenish with a moisturizer that features this vital ingredient.

High molecule size VS low molecule size

Hyaluronic acid has two types – high and low molecular size.  Think of it as basketballs (high) vs tennis balls (low).  Each plays a different role.  

The large molecules are too big to get through your skin.  These usually remain on the surface of the skin and act as a skin moisture barrier.  The smaller molecules are able to penetrate into your skin and can supply moisture directly to the deep skin layers.

The best combination is to moisturize both the outer and inner layers of your skin.  So it’s best to find moisturizers that include both high and low molecule sizes.

Here’s an ingredient cheat sheet listing the names of the high or low hyaluronic acid molecules, as they may appear on a product’s ingredient list:


Products with plenty of hyaluronic acid



Beta-glucan highlights:

Beta-glucan is a 3rd generation moisturizing factor.

The first generation of moisturizing ingredients are mostly classified as glycerin.  The second generation ingredients are hyaluronic acid.

Definitely a rising star among the third-generation moisturizing ingredients.

Helps in the activation of skin cells, which helps to protect and strengthen the skin barrier.

The skin is excellent at absorbing beta-glucan.  Not only does beta-glucan provide moisture, but also provides rich nutrients.  It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is an amazing ingredient for preventing aging.



Squalane highlights:

Like hyaluronic acid, it is a naturally occurring substance in our cells.

The body also decreases production as we age.

It is most actively produced as a teenager, acting as a natural moisturizer, and then begins to decrease from age 20-30.  As a result, the skin begins to dry out and become rough.

In moisturizers, squalane acts as a moisturizer to replenish this deficiency.  Helps in preventing moisture from leaving the body.  Also helps to regenerate skin cells and build a healthy skin barrier.

Products with Squalanes



Ceramide highlights:

Key moisturizing ingredient for protecting the skin barrier.

A natural oil present in the stratum corneum (outermost skin layer).  Helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

Excellent in protecting the skin from toxins in the environment and prevents skin aging.

Unlike hyaluronic acid tailored to moisturizing, ceramide focuses on strengthening the skin barrier.  When your skin is dull and rough in texture, a product containing ceramide can do wonders!



Glycerin highlights:

One of the most commonly used moisturizing ingredients in moisturizers.

Attracts moisture from the air, and also forms a moisturizing film over your skin.  Popular for its good moisturizing properties, and the best for a more cost friendly skincare solution.


These are the most popular natural moisturizing ingredients that are in most K-beauty moisturizers.

Next time you check your moisturizer’s ingredient list, you can check if any of these made the list.  If one of these ingredients is toward the front, you know that moisturizer was designed for moisturizing.

Products that fit your skin,

Are you ready to find it?

Your skin needs to be replenished with moisture to maintain its vitality and vibrance.  Drink a lot of water, replenish with a moisturizer, and cover with only the best moisturizing ingredients.

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